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Investing in land is generally considered a sound move. There is only so much land in Arizona, in fact, owning prime accessible land in Arizona is becoming more difficult. One would think that with Arizona's  nearly 114,000 square miles of land there would be plenty of affordable property to own. However, Arizona only has 17% of its nearly 114,000 square miles available for private ownership. The remaining 83% of the land is owned and controlled by the Federal Government, State Government and Native American Tribes, that doesn't leave much for investors. even a smaller portion of Arizona lands are available in large parcels. Now, reduce that by the very few numbers of available historic ranch properties like Earp Estates and Silver Spur Ranches. Most people don't realize the limited ownership opportunities of unspoiled, historic Arizona property actually is, with deedable land scarce in availability.


A variety of ways exist to invest in land, depending on what you're comfortable with and what your budget will allow, SilverStone Ranches makes it easy to invest. You can even subdivide your 40-acre property into 5-  8-acre parcels for your relatives, friends or associates to invest in. With just four other investors you can reduce the cost of your property by one-fifth. Imagine the other four investors and yourself getting together on the ranch that you all own to build a cabin, or home to spend time whenever you want enjoying the Arizona landscape and all the activities you can imagine when you own your own property. We will assist you in subdivding you ranch property.

Every so often a Ranch like Earp Estates  becomes available for sale! This is a ranch that has been family owned for more than a century and has had only a few owners in its entire history! A ranch like Earp Estates or Silver Spur Ranches  is comprised of everything the discerning ranch investor/buyer would require and expect in a high quality land/ranch investment property.


SilverStone Ranches are rare, unique and quality ranch properties that could be easily managed for an out of town investment buyer who could enjoy ranch life periodically with family and friends. The opportunity also exists to use your ranch as a second home, permanent vacation location for its retreat opportunities, as an equestrian property, or for its historic value.

Five - 8 Acre Split


     In Arizona, each 40-acre parcel can be split into as many as 5 parcels without approval from the Arizona Department of Real Estate. Smaller parcels can sell for more than twice the price of a larger parcel! We’ll offer professional assistance in this easy process. Become your own developer! Let us show you how to invest in the past, and in your future. Contact us for full details.


     Invite friends to own a portion of your historic ranch by subdividing your 40 acre property into 5 eight-acre lots. Each can share in the independence and sense of pride that ownership offers.

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