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You Found Your Ranch, Now What?


When it comes to buying a ranch property for sale, we know and

understand the investment you’re taking on. At SilverStone Ranches

you're buying more than land, you're buying a piece of history. You

most likely have discovered by now, finding the ideal ranch with the

right acreage, right location, and at the right price is no easy task.

There are hundreds of Websites of ranch property, so many in fact,

it makes for a mind numbing exercise (kinda like you've been wearing

your hat all day.) Sifting through all those properties to get down to a

few can be a daunting task.


Did you know that a large percentage of historic ranch properties sold

in the United States never actually go one the market? To find these

gems is rare. Having such a property as Earp Estates actually available

for purchase is pure luck. (It must have been all those horseshoes we

hung over the ranchhouse doorway.)


Every property at Earp Estates has a special appeal to fill the dreams of those desiring property as a private ranch for a permanent residence, build a second home, as a vacation property or recreational property, for retirement or to make an investment in the future. These premium Arizona ranch properties can still be purchased at a reasonable price.


Our mission at SilverStone Ranches is to find good stewards of the land who will preserve our landscapes for generations to come. We’re passionate about the American West and we work hard to preserve its unique heritage and natural beauty. We understand how to manage and maintain ranches, conserve natural landscapes in order to leave this lasting legacy. This is what we value, and we aim to work with people who value this legacy as well. Nature took the first step in the design of Earp Estates terrain. We instructed our surveyors to utilize that natural terrain, not only to plat each 40-acre parcel, but to share the amenity of gorgeous mountain views.


This is the kind of land that can create a family heritage to pass down to your children or grandchildren, or just for the pure pleasure of owning a piece of the disappearing frontier. It's far enough away from big city life, yet close enough to all the modern conveniences down the road at Sierra Vista or Tucson.


                                                     The Right Property


                                                                    One of our experienced people will sit with you and discuss your needs

                                                                    and desires, then we'll ride the property (either on horseback or SUV-

                                                                    you tell us which you prefer) to search the property to find the best

                                                                    ranch for you. Whether you’re seeking ranch property for a location

                                                                    for a second home, vacation property, recreation, investment or

                                                                    retirement, our experienced team will help you, find the location and



                                                                    Once you've selected your personal ranch we will help you seal the

                                                                   deal with confidence and ease, we’ll walk you through the complete



                                                                   Closing the Deal: Now that everything checks out and you’ve learned

                                                                   the fine details of the ranch sale, it’s time to close. You can have

                                                                   comfort knowing that your SilverStone Ranches representative  will

                                                                   work through the closing and afterwards to ensure a smooth sale.


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No offer for sale or lease may be made and no offer to purchase or lease may be accepted prior to the issuance of the final Arizona Subdivision Public Report. Prices, plans and features subject to change without notice.

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